Educators offer feedback about SNK

SSP and the staff of SNK are proud to make Science News for Kids freely accessible to all users, including many educators who use the publication in the classroom and outside of it:

My students use your Web site to find current events in science. Your Web site is easy to navigate, and your articles are appealing for middle-school-age students. The articles are also adaptable for our lower readers (special ed.).

M.R.L., Apopka, Fla.

I have just begun using your articles with my fifth and sixth grade gifted and talented students. It is so nice to have a science lesson that contains questions requiring thinking from the bottom of Bloom’s taxonomy to the very top! Keep up the good work!

S.G., Rockwall, Texas

How do I get answers to the question sheets for the articles?


In general, the questions with each week’s featured article are meant to serve as guidelines or topics for discussion. In some cases, there are no factual or definite answers.—Editor

I used the “Dreams of Floating in Space” article in my ninth grade Earth Science class. They really enjoyed the article and the questions were thoughtful and made for an engaging discussion. Please add more as I am thinking of using it on Fridays after our weekly quiz!

E.M., Brockton, Mass.

We add a new feature articles regularly (with discussion questions), covering a wide range of science topics.—Editor

I just wanted to take a minute to say that I am thrilled that your publication [Science News] has created a science news for kids Web site!! As a science teacher of 5th and 6th graders, I’ve been looking for good current events science articles geared toward this age level or lower.


I teach 7th and 8th grade science (human science and environmental science). I use articles from the regular Science News with my students, but for some kids, these are just too hard. This Web site is great! I have only looked at the Human Body and Environment article archives so far, but they are great!

C.R., New Orleans, La.

Your articles make a great starting point for various topics in my ecology and earth science classes. They fit well with our curriculum. One suggestion: You might provide some graphing assignments, not just reading worksheets. It would be great to have some data to analyze and draw conclusions from. Otherwise, keep up the great work.

E.S.M., Brockton, Mass.